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It's me, Auset....the one behind the lens!

So, you want to know a little more about me?!  Sweet!!!!

            I was born and raised in central Indiana and there is truly magic in this place of corn fields and cattle farms.  I always saw it, I always felt it and photography is just one of the ways I can show it to YOU...to see the world, people, animals, nature...the way I see it.   That being said, I will literally get lost in photographing anything...put me in a room alone with my camera and you'll be amazed at what I can find in a span of just 10 minutes!

            Perhaps that is the joy in it.  To see the world differently and to showcase it in my work.  My photography journey began as a journey deeper into myself first and then when others began taking notice of my unique perspectives and the way I captured moments, animals, and people I expanded my knowledge of cameras, getting out of auto mode, photo composition, and the never ending art of post processing.  

               My love of horses preceded my love of photography and I had my first pony by age 5, my first horse by 8 and after attending the Trader’s Point Charity Horse Show Grand Prix it was off to the nearest stable for jumping lessons, for which I groomed and cleaned stalls in exchange for lessons. My dedication and love of horses took me to Midway College in central Kentucky where I graduated with an AA in Equine Management.

                My photography interest was peaked during a trip to the UK in 2008 where I met a photographer whose work really touched and inspired me. Never able to draw and create art the way I saw it in my head, photography soon proved to be the next best thing and I was soon being consistently praised for my amazing “eye”.

I fine-tuned my knowledge by spending hours outside with our horses taking pictures and completing courses in photography through the Equine Professional Photographer’s Network, IUPUI Continuing Studies Certification program, and with Beryl Young and her Momtography courses. It all paid off...I won Special Mention in the Boone County Open Photography Show.   

I have had my work featured at the Athens Art Gallery in Crawfordsville, Indiana, in TrailBlazer magazine, and online for a local jewelry creator, Be Jewelry, online for an artisian mustard/condiment producer, Batch No 2, as well as on websites and social media for a teacher and holistic healer based in California, a nature-lover and teacher in northwest Ohio and an incredible wedding fitness coach in China.  


Work with me....

              We can work together to capture the magic of you and your life...contact me to set up your unique photo session!  

Use the form on my Contact page or you can send a text or call 317-508-5042

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