An Evening in October

This was the magical lighting that drew me outside with Fiona.  That soft, late afternoon light warming the backs of the horses, the little dust particles and insects floating through the could I stay inside with all of that magic waiting for me?!

Sue was grazing to the right of the little tree along the fence line and Frederick and Bob were hanging out under the tree.  The leaves it drops must taste like candy...they really love to eat them!  I really should use my lens hood to keep the sun flare out of my shots, but I got lucky with this one and loved the rainbow over them.  It makes their friendship look really special.

Eventually, they all gather together.  After their relatively rough start together in the pasture, this is always nice to see.  And surprisingly, even though Frederick is WAAYYY taller than the other horses, he is the youngest and so he gets to be low man on the totem pole.  Being with the other horses is really good for him, though, and teaches him how to be a horse.  Horses are very social animals and love to have company.

I've been spotted!

Here he comes!

I am able to get some shots of the others and who can resist those long furry ears?!

The lighting on Bob was lovely....and Boris has the cutest ears

I moved outside the fence to allow the horses to mingle around each other and move around the pasture for some other shots.  Almost all of my pictures are of the horses "at liberty" handler or someone in the pasture out of the frame to get the horses right where I want them with just the right background and lighting on them just so.  I am just out there by myself and allow them to be themselves.  It makes for a relaxing quiet time together and I love it.

I get one shot off and then Frederick...well, you know!

He sees me...

Here he how he looks so sweet with his ears perked up

I shot these with the fence in focus on purpose to get that blurred horse in the background effect...

I loved the way this one turned out...a blurred artistic shot of this dreamy horse.  Not everyone appreciates blurred photos but I like them because they are different  

Details never get old...

I'm not actually sure what happened next but Bob came up to the fence and must have smelled something strange.  It all happened so fast I had a little trouble capturing this funny face of his in clear focus

Making faces at the camera!


Next, same thing happened when I crouched down to get some shots between the fence boards.  He shook that luxurious mane for me!

This shot is edited for artistic effect....I brightened and boosted the colors a bit to make them pop...

This shot is SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera)

Which do you like better?  

I think I like it SOOC

That Rock Star mane...

This one I liked the made it more fiery and dramatic, just like Bob's personality :)

Boris also has a great little mane and I love the way it stands straight up and is so orderly with little tufts of grey and black.

This is then what begins to happen because when the light is gorgeous, it is also almost time to feed, and that is true whether I go out in the morning or in the late afternoon.  They begin to get restless, as all good supermodels do, and start to ask me to put the camera down and feed them.  They wander around looking at each other and me and wondering when their work is over...

No horses were starved in the production of this blog and everyone got their dinner!  Even then, on my walk back to the house the sunset is too much to resist.  I loved the way the sun rays were beaming down over the barn and to the east the clouds were resting over the corn.

Photography tip:  Remember to always turn around!

End of the shoot...

The faintest rainbow through the clouds over the willow tree. The perfect way to end a magical evening...

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