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Sep 25, 2014

The Magic of the Willow Tree

Have you ever felt like there was something you wanted to see but were told or felt that it was out of reach or that you couldn't see it? I never had anyone tell me I was bad at art or drawing or seeing things...just myself. True story. That being said, photography has been a really great way for me to portray my art in a way that more closely resembles what I am envisioning in my mind. I want to share with you an evening with the willow tree by our pond at sunset....c'mon!

The Lure of the Willow Tree

The evening light is sometimes too much for me and I am compelled to grab my camera and head outside. To capture, what exactly, I don't always know but I know without a doubt that I will find it. We have a huge willow tree by our pond. It was a gift to me from my husband years ago and it has enjoyed its spot beside the endless supply of water. The bark is sort of reddish but you don't really realize how much color is there until the sun hits it and illuminates it. This is one such night.

I went out with the idea in mind to capture that red glowing light inside the tree...sunset reflecting on its branches.  This is the way it looked as I came around the pond and approached the tree.  It looks so inviting, doesn't it?  Like the gateway to a secret place where you might see fairies and unicorns!

Before I reached the willow tree, I spent some time with Fred.  The setting sun gave her coat a reddish glow, too, and I wanted to play around with focal points and shutter speed.  Their swishing tails are great to try and capture as a blur and working with specific focal points also gives the rest of the picture a softer focus/blur.  This shot of Fred's tail took 6 tries before I captured it in just the right way to frame the shot.

I started out toward the pond and I saw a Great Blue Heron along the north shore of the pond and just about that time he saw me.  I quickly raised my camera up to take a picture but I soon realized I still had my focal point set for the far left side of the frame from taking artsy-fartsy pictures of Fred so I had to wait until he reached that portion of the picture before pressing the shutter!  Usually you want your subject, if it is moving, to be moving INTO the frame rather than OUT but I still liked the way it turned out...that dark silhouette of the heron against the evening sky. 

Copper joined me out by the pond and sat enjoying the reflections on the water...

He truly IS the most adorable dog in the world, isn't he?!

I shot more pictures of the glow from the willow and on the long branches.  It was such a beautiful still night, cool but the kind of cool that you have during Indian Summer...days near 80 degrees and nights in the 50's.  Willow branches are very golden, too, and the colors here are simply beautiful.

I finished my time with the willow on the ground looking up.  Perspective is one of my favorite things to change when I am taking pictures.  Look up, look down, turn around, get low, shoot from up high, swivel, move the camera to get blur...all kinds of ways to be creative here!

When you want to get pictures while on the ground around here, however, you have to be prepared for a couple of dogs to join you and lay on you or at the very least lick you to death!  I decided to push the limits here and get a selfie with the two furry friends who joined me for my adventures under the tree and ... well, as you can see, not every photo I take is picture perfect but I still love it!

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  • ausetimages

    on October 10, 2014

    Linda, thank you so much for joining me under the willow tree in such a sweet way. One day... ~smile~

  • ausetimages

    on October 10, 2014

    Thanks, Zach! We'll have to have a walk out to the willow tree and you can look at it more closely...Fred's belly will be somewhere along the way, too! ;)

  • Zachariah Rohn

    on October 2, 2014

    My favorite is the picture of Fred's belly, a unique perspective! I don't know how many times I've looked at that willow tree without actually seeing it, really quite gorgeous. Great job, you inspire me!

  • Linda Rock

    on October 1, 2014

    I love this. It is super sweet and feels comforting to read. I feel supported by your own pull into the energy of the day or evening to steal the moments. I had to giggle at your willow picture just above you and your 4 legged pal photo. It looks like girl legs stretching into the sky and the energy of the tree is looking up at its own beauty of the foliage cascading down. I adore Willows.
    Awesome job. Beautiful photos. I support you.

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