Cloudy with a Chance of Inspiration

These are the days that make winter such a long out...dreary...cold.  Did I mention winter is a long season?!  What to do when there are no lovely sunrises and sunsets, golden hours or light and shadows?  You grab your camera and go outside and LOOK for something interesting.  Searching for inspiration is not like looking for actually find it!  

Come see what I found!

This is the first thing I saw when I went outside.  This lonely brown leaf hanging onto its branch against the color-less, cloudy sky. So, I took its picture and then as I did I noticed something and it is now one of my favorite shots!  It's all in the imagination!  What do you see?

The Dragon

This is what I saw as I shot this amazing dragon face!  This is an SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera) shot so you can see how to make good use of that cloudy sky!  This little leaf got my creative juices flowing so I started looking at other small things.  I moved around a bit to get this one...looks a little like the Kokopelli, don't you think?  It is also an SOOC shot

My leaf Kokopelli...

The Kokopelli: Hopi symbol of fertility, replenishment, music, dance and mishchief

At the end of the branch..

Then I found what must have been the bones of a long-lost dragon on the tree stump...

Me and my Hufflepuff hat!

If you know me, I am not afraid to turn that camera around and take some shots of me.  I especially like the tree branches growing out of my magical hat!

I walked on out toward the barn not sure of what I was going to find or if I was going to take more pictures of the horses...I wanted to but I didn't want to.  My interest in photography goes in more than one direction and although I do love taking pictures of the horses I wanted to find other things around the farm on these cloudy days that would be interesting...shapes, lines, colors, etc.

Then I see these two furry clowns!

My trusty assistants ... looking for inspiration with me!

So many cloudy days makes your head spin, right Copper?

Even Chief is scratching his head trying to figure out when the sun will shine again

Maybe if you show these sad eyes to Mother Nature we might have some sunshine. Keep working it...good boy!!

Then I headed out toward the front wood pile with included!

I passed this bit of mane hanging onto the fence board

We all made it out to the wood pile and there are some really beautiful patterns in wood.

Little Walnut having a bit of fun along the way. She never stays too still for very long so getting clear shots of her pretty face are actually quite challenging! I managed to get one!

I started looking at other things around the wood pile to photograph.  I like the brightness of this photo of some old gates in the back of the old truck.  ISO 800, f5.6, 1/60

Then I saw Fred in the distance...I really like depth of field shots  

This is a shot that I did at ISO 800, f5.6, 1/60...I wanted it bright.

This shot I did at ISO 800, f5.6, 1/250 to darken it.  Just wanted some contrast and I like the darker shot better

 I also saw the bright color pattern and snow on the seat of the old truck and thought it was least there was some color somewhere!  Amazing what cloudiness can do to all the colors

Yes, I did take some pictures of the horses!  Who can resist Frederick?!  He is actually very photogenic in the cloudy conditions...well all the time, really, but hey!

Then I headed out toward the pond.  At this point my fingers were getting very cold and I had almost quit after the wood pile shots but I was hot on the trail of Inspiration and as you can see, here it is!

Soon I had Copper and Chief on the trail looking, too.  

The world's best assistants

The pond is so peaceful and all the leaves have fallen off the willow tree but the colors are still surprisingly nice, even under cloudy skies

Time to go fingers are numb and they hurt like...well, they hurt!

Maybe next week I'll show you how I was inspired by a magazine when I returned to the warmth of my house.  Until then, go out there and find your's waiting!

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