Evening Run

An hour before the sun sets there is a wildness in the air and the horses run!

Sometimes by the time I see it happening and I run to grab Fiona, there isn't much Run Time left but I do my best to capture them.  Getting into the best position for the shots can be challenging because of the trucks and equipment in the background and I'm usually along the fence somewhere so there are only optimum sites to snap and trying to work with wild running horses is NOT like working with trained professionals!

The pictures you are about to see I can't really explain!  What is happening on my side of the fence in my head and what is happening on the other side of the fence...well...I can only show you the pictures to show you what it is like to try to capture the scene as it is running around in front of you.  There is not only the scene itself to take in, it is a blur to the senses really...the running, the bucking, the dirt flying, the sound of their hooves on the ground and the breathing and snorting, and the smell of horses warming up in the cool evening air as they rush past you... 

It's magical...


and there are photobombs...

because everyone knows that two heads are better than one!

Proof of my two heads theory...

Actually, I loved the two heads pictures because once I saw them on my computer screen, they reminded me of one of my favorite childhood paintings that I first saw hanging in a Cracker Barrel restaurant somewhere in Kentucky.  It is called "The Pharaoh's Horses" by the artist John Frederick Herring, Sr.

And the way I love all things Egyptian as well as horses it is fitting that I love this one so much!  I think it's also special because the artist's name is Frederick.

Life is funny like that sometimes!

The Pharaoh's Horses by John Frederick Herring, Sr.

My own Pharaoh's Horses...

Dirty looks...I didn't have a chance to brush them before their shoot! IDK how they get so much dirt on their faces but they do!

Views of Sue...he is quite round and ready for winter!

I know you've just seen this one, but I wanted you to see it BIGGER to see how round Sue really is! Impressive isn't he?

Until next time...  please feel free to share and comment!

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