Playing with Fire

If you've ever wondered if I really DO take pictures of anything, this is the proof!  We heat our home with wood and during the winter, feeding the wood stove is a part of the feeding schedule when we feed the horses.  I'm a little cold body and have always appreciated the heat of the fire as well as the beauty of it.  How many times do you remember as a kid that you sat around a fire with a stick to poke at it making the adults around very uneasy?  C' know you did!

I didn't realize that I would be mesmerized by the beauty of the red hot coals inside when I trudged out to the stove all bundled up like a poster child for Bob Gregory (a local weatherman who was popular when I was a kid in the 70's and 80's who had a commercial with a kid in the snow so bundled up you couldn't see him and he could barely walk!).  I of course did not immediately fill the stove ... I ran back inside to get Fiona!

Soooo....yes.  Yes I do take pictures of anything!

I used my Canon 60D with my 50mm lens.  I chose this lens because the light was fading quickly from the day and after shooting the flames I might want to shoot something else interesting and this little lens has that 1.8 aperture capability to help get more light into the camera.  

I wanted to capture the flames licking the top of the stove and set my camera at ISO 400, f1.8, 1/30.  This is a fairly slow shutter speed to slow and soften the movement of the flames.  I normally shoot one frame at a time but set it to fire off multiple shots in rapid succession because fire can be quick and I wanted to have a greater chance of getting what I was looking for.  I sort of did...

In this shot I kept my ISO at 400 but made my aperture setting more open at f6.3 and slowed my shutter speed down to 1/5.  As you can see the flames are really blurred here ... I also had my focal point on the coals.  Something interesting is happening in this one, but I'm saving the best for last!  :)  

Here my ISO is 400, f1.8 and shutter speed back up to 1/400 with my focal point on the flames which softened the coals in the foreground.  

This shot is similar to the first shot in the series.  At this slow shutter speed you can see that any little movement I make while holding the camera is going to affect the focus.  You can see that in the coals here...

I sped up the shutter speed here to darken the back of the stove and to capture the violet flames coming off the log.  

ISO 400, f1,8, 1/80

These two were shot at even higher shutter speeds to both darken the back of the stove and to freeze the movement of the flames. You know that game you played as a kid with looking at clouds and seeing a goat or a face or an angel?  That was what I was looking to do with the fire...see what kinds of shapes might show up.  You can never grow up too fast, and you always need to keep your mind active, right?  The flames are really amazing.

 ISO 400, f1.8, 1/400

Remember that game of looking for shapes in the flames?  Well, here I got something that I absolutely you see a tiny fire dancer on the right?!  How fun is that?!

Fire Dancer

She inspired me so much I wrote this for her...

Again...thank you so much for coming along with me and my camera as I see things around me and try to capture each moment and each little tiny beautiful thing to share with others.

Feel free to leave a comment or share, stay warm out there and see you next time!

  • ausetimages

    on January 16, 2015

    Thanks, Zach! I thought so, too!

  • Zachariah Rohn

    on January 16, 2015

    That is a pretty unique photo!

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