What's in my (mom's) bag...

All artists have their artistic roots buried somewhere in their DNA and you don't have to look too far back in my family tree to find mine.  Meet my mommy...and let's take a look inside her camera bag!

(This blog reminds me of the time I was in kindergarten and took my little 3 year old sister for show and tell!  True story!!!)

How cute is she?!

I remember back in the 80's my mom carrying her camera everywhere we went and taking pictures.  I remember her babbling something about aperture and f-stops and exposures...blah blah blah...it didn't mean anything to me as a kid but now  I wish I had paid more attention.  This is her camera, a film version of the modern day DSLR with all the same features for choosing how to shoot your pictures, aka LOTS of buttons to figure out!  

It is a Minolta x700, introduced in 1981 and was their top model at the time.  It was compatible with her Tokina lenses and she had 4:  

* Tokina 35-105 mm which mom said, "It was the best lens you could get for a camera",

* Tokina 80-200 mm which had an elastic strap to hold the lens cover on,

* Tokina 22mm prime lens which mom said, "This was for strictly close-up pictures, it had good in focus close ups", and her

*"Big Boy" Vivitar 80-200mm.  

The strap and prime lens

Playing around with all of them got her pretty fired up and she said, "See, I'm just remembering all of this crap!"   Maybe I should have told her this is a family friendly blog LOL!

This L-shaped piece was something that she was VERY excited about.  When you shoot with a film camera, after each shot you have to forward the film to get your next shot, but with THIS fancy add-on motor drive you could follow your subject and fire off multiple shots as this little baby forwarded the film for you!  

All you had to do was to simply screw it to the bottom of the camera body, insert a couple of batteries and using the forward shutter release button you were ready for action!

The fancy new motor drive

The other attachment that she was excited about was the on-camera flash, a Minolta Auto 360.

 "There's nothing automatic about it!" she said.  

Look at all these options to figure out!  

"There's so much about this camera I didn't know!"  she said.  

I know what she means!

We sat on the floor for a long time just looking at everything and me listening to her talk about taking pictures and how much there was to figure out and what she planned to do with her old equipment and where to go from here with a digital up-to-date model.  Loads of fun!

So there you have it...where I get my love of photography from.  My mom is also an amazing artist and I always wanted to be able to draw like she did.  She took me to art classes and we drew a naked woman and I loved it...but I wasn't nearly as good as she was.  Photography is my way of creating art and with the wide variety of "brushes" -- lenses, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, focal point, etc -- there is always something to learn and get excited about.  

Next week I'll show you a little lens that I've added to MY camera bag that gives me even more play room to create something different!

If you enjoyed seeing some vintage camera equipment and meeting my mom, please feel free to share a comment below!

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