Behind the scenes...My Second 5K

Sep 27, 2014

The weather couldn't have been more perfect...sunny, brisk and warming as the sun climbed higher into the bright blue sky filled with lovely wispy clouds.  I went to the sign-up table to get my number and thought it was so perfect to get number 45 since I will be turning 45 in October.  I keep getting this feeling that my 45th year is going to be absolutely spectacular and I have seriously considered making a book, "When I Was 45"  but really...who would read it?!

Lucky number 45

I asked the organizer if I could go ahead of everyone to get some pictures and she was very kind and said, "Of course."  Here is a shot of the crowd waiting to get started.  There were walkers and runners of all ages, the local high school cross country team, families, and some who came alone.  That would be me...but it's okay...I had Little Fiona  :)  

I chose Little Fiona, my Canon EOS Rebel T3, because she is lighter than my Canon 60D especially with my zoom lens and flash attached and I didn't want to have to carry the extra weight.  I shoot 95% of the time in Manual mode because whenever I experiment with aperture priority or shutter priority I tend to get frustrated b/c I am not in control of everything and am not getting the results I want, but with all the runners and wanting to shoot as they ran straight toward me (which constantly changes your focus depth) I decided to relax a bit and use my Action setting.  (ISO 400, f6.3, SS1/2000)

This sweet little guy came running to let me know they were getting ready to start.  

Aaaaannnndddd....they're OFF!!!

The high school cross country team.  Yeah...they beat me by a long shot!  Great group of kids

A little slideshow to show you some of the runners and walkers...sit back and enjoy.  It is just like watching exercise videos while eating your lunch on the couch!  Don't worry, I won't tell!

Very quickly this was my view...the back of all the walkers!

Maybe it was because I was doing this...walking and taking pictures!

Photos along the trail

This first shot I had gone back to Manual mode (ISO 400, f5.6, SS 1/80) and I don't think I had changed my auto focus mode back to AI Servo to capture objects in focus as they moved closer to me.  As you can see this made the runners a bit soft in their focus, which is just a nice way to say they are a little blurry!  Maybe that is conveys motion if they aren't too far out of focus.  I would have liked to had them much sharper but I didn't have the heart to ask them to come back

I had a great time watching everyone and saying, "Great job!" as they passed me.  IDK how far that little girl actually ran but I'm guessing she ran much farther than I did!

I made it!  I know it's just the turn around point, but hey!

Not sure exactly what my time was but it didn't beat any records.  I DID walk the entire 5K even though an offer from two kind sheriffs for a ride back was very tempting (what a great story I could have there, right?).  I decided that since I took the selfie at the turn around I should finish walking, so I did.

The end of a very good day...I shot this on my way home. I really should have had a tripod but I turned off my car's engine and propped Little Fiona on the hood and set the timer. Not perfect but a beautiful reminder

(Manual mode, ISO 1600, f3.5, SS 1/80) 

Hope for His Children

This 5K was to benefit the organization whose mission is to show love to orphaned, abandoned and impoverished children.  You can find out more about them and how to help at their website:  Hope for His Children

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