Through the Window

Lately, I have been mesmerized by the winter sky and the way the trees reach up to touch it, like a thousand magic wands changing the colors and the shades of light and the textures of the clouds. But what's a girl to do when the temperatures are in the low teens and the wind is howling across the Indiana Tundra at gusts over 40 mph?  She stands at the window and peers out with her camera like she is looking through the magic mirror and captures it all through the window.  

And she gets the attention of the nice folks over at CanonUSA to notice it!  But more on that later...

There is nothing more beautiful or magical than the sky, the way the mood of its canvas changes and how it makes us feel.  It is also, in my humble opinion, one of the easiest things to photograph and get something amazing almost every time.  The real magic of photographing the sky happens in your settings and in the composition of the photograph itself and this is what separates the good shots from the shots that make you stop and say, "Wow!  That's amazing!"  

So, when you are scrolling through the pictures today, really look at what is different about them and what you like about it the placement of the trees, the angle, the contrast?  I'd love to hear about it in the comments!

One of the things I am drawn to is the contrast of the branches against the sky and how dark they look. Here you can see the sky, grey and blue and that line of soft winter clouds across the horizon. This is the view from our front window

Everything changes so quickly during a sunset...

This is a wider shot of the sky over the farm and pond.

Capturing the clouds, the changing light and the trees to frame the shot a bit

Magic over the Willow Tree...I love the shot with the bird! IDK how he was even flying, it was so windy! The bottom shot has a different composition than the middle shot...I like the bottom shot better, do you?

Part of the sky was still blue and I used the trees to frame it.

I got a little distracted by the dogs...

I really like the framing on this one...and the colors and texture of the clouds

Once I got my pictures on my computer and was scrolling through them, THIS one made me stop. I loved EVERYTHING about it...and so did the nice folks at CanonUSA! They have been running some commercial spots with their #bringit campaign and so I will periodically use that hashtag on photos I like that I post on my Instagram account. This shot got their attention and they contacted me to include it on their #bringit page of their website!

If you want to see what other photographers are doing with their Canon camera, you can see them here with mine!  

The #bringit page

How do I want to inspire you today?  

**Well, don't be afraid to use your camera even if the conditions aren't perfect, shoot through the windows if you have to...moments that inspire you are meant to be captured so that you can come back to them later and be inspired again.  

**I also want you to look at how you frame your shots so that the viewer is drawn right in and mesmerized.

**I want you to keep doing what you love and putting it out there to be noticed by the world.  It's coming, just keep being yourself because there is no one who has your creativity and talent, they have their own!

Here it's your turn...share this page and leave a comment below to let me know which shots were your favorite and how you are inspired to capture those moments that inspire you!  

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