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Senior Pictures

We've all had them...Senior know the "Where's my glasses?", "What do you mean I asked you that ten minutes ago?", and "What's your name again?"  

I'll admit it...I've had some of those Senior Moments, but if you've ever wondered what it's like to work with me and what we can create together, check out these amazing seniors and be inspired!  

Seniors are tons of fun...their youthfulness, willingness to have some fun, their creativity, their ideas of who they are and how they want to see themselves in pictures are all GREAT to work with.  Senior picture shoots are generally done in more than one session, especially if they are in sports, and we usually go to more than one location to get the look and feel they want in their shots.  

The first thing I do when I book a Senior picture shoot is to meet with the senior and their parent(s) to talk about what it is they envision in their pictures, their hobbies and interests, favorite locations, what to wear, and I will often ask why they chose me as their photographer.  That question helps me to see what they are expecting in their own photos and what they are wanting me to capture for them.  The answers are always very insightful!  

The free-spirited country girl... she came to me with some great locations and ideas about her pictures. She loves her truck and old abandoned houses, jeans and dresses, her horse and being outside so the places she picked really reflected her interests and personality.

Art-lover, history buff, pop-culture enthusiast....This girl loves the texture and colors of art from a palette of styles. She's an avid reader and loves the way history and pop culture converge. Her style is simple yet sophisticated and makes a statement. We found the perfect location at Gallery 42, an amazing art gallery downtown and had fun utilizing all the art and tucked-away spots and created some art of our own

A girl with a fresh fun attitude who loves music, dancing, flowers and most of all ... just being her Self.  It was such a treat to watch her fully embrace joy and have fun during her photo session.  She had lots of personality to show and we got it all!

The happy law enforcer....This girl had some great dresses, loved her dogs, and is planning to go to school to study Law Enforcement.  We went to the old jail building on the square in town and were fortunate enough to be able to go inside.  Being inside the old jail cells might seem like a strange location for senior pictures but she was excited about them because they reflected what it is that she is planning to study and who else gets their senior pictures inside an old retired jail?

The cheerleader...This senior cheerleader had a love affair with hats and was part of the Boone County 4-H Queen contest so she had a flair for fashion and posing.  I loved that pageant gown beside the old truck...stunning.  The afternoon we shot the wheat field it was overcast and the sun was shining all at the same time...and it rained but we were quick about it and got the shot.

You never know what you might find along the way!  This kitten followed us all along the trail and while I was shooting climbed right up my pant leg and onto my shoulder!  I was very glad I had on jeans and my sweatshirt...isn't he adorable?

The swimmer with a vision....and a lover of nature and wildlife at the zoo which was downtown Indianapolis, had a lot of great ideas and concepts and chinked the back of the camera with me to help me get his pictures just the way he wanted them, which was loads of fun.  I really enjoyed working with him and making his vision of his senior photo shoot come to life for him.  

Vintage fire fighter....This high school senior worked the Pinterest boards for inspiration and knew exactly the kind of props she wanted and where to find them.  She is a part of the junior fire fighters team we had some fun at the station and I loved the color choices of her clothes and how they matched the fire engine.  The old abandoned car and the vintage look turned out amazing and her dogs were fun to work with and added a special something to her pictures.

America's Next Top Model....This senior was super prepared having spent many nights watching America's Next Top Model...she had her hair ideas, outfit and make-up changes, poses and props...and all of this was done not too long after a car accident left her on crutches. She was a trooper!

Senior photo shoots:  

Valedictorian Package

** Up to 2 hours/3-4 looks

** On location/studio setting/your home

** Look and style pre-shoot consultation

** Professional post processing of images

** Private gallery of images 


Salutatorian Package    

** 1 hour session/2 looks

** On location/studio setting/your home

** Look and style pre-shoot consultation

** Professional post processing of images

** Private gallery of images

Let's have some fun together!

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