So, here we are, the day after Thanksgiving and the scent of gratitude is something that may still be lingering in the air.  At least, I hope it is!  I've learned that the feeling of gratitude can get you pretty far in life as well as help out in times of stress.  It is something we can tap into and sometimes it can be felt when you are in a place or with certain people in your life.

For me, the feeling of gratitude comes sweeping across our little Tundra every time I go outside to take care of things around our farm.  The breeze, the colors in the sky, the smells of dirt and grass and horses that mingle together, the crazy sounds Copper makes when he and Chief are wrestling, the quiet spirit of the horses as they graze all fills me up.

Maybe that's why I love to photograph them so keep reminding myself of how good that feeling of gratitude is and to go revisit it as I look back through the hundreds and thousands of pictures I end up taking over just a few weeks time.

This week's blog is just to share some of the beauty that fills me with gratitude and to encourage you to look around you at the simple things that make you feel good, fill you with inspiration, and make you feel grateful for each breath and each day you are given.

Walking out to the barns, this is the sky that greets me...

The view just to the right of the barn...

Big horse silhouette against the painted sky...

A few details of that big horse...

After taking care of the horses I had to go take care of the neighbor's dogs and took Fiona along because I knew if I left her at home I would wish I had her.  My cell phone never does justice to what it is that I am actually seeing, especially in low light situations.

Along the drive...if you look super hard you can see Fred in the darkness

At the end of the drive...

At the end of the road...

The blur of the corn outside my car window. Glad I live on a country road!

I hope that you were inspired, filled with gratitude, and everything in between, not only by seeing the world that I live in through my eyes, but by something equally unique and wonderful in your own life.

We are surrounded by beauty ... look for it and you will see it.

And even if this last shot is not technically perfect, it shows the gratitude I feel and the happiness it gives me...selfies with a horse!

Please feel free to leave me a comment...what are you grateful for?

Remember...logging in lets me know that you are a real person ;)

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